I wanted to acknowledge and give thanks,  Nia:wen’kowa to the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada for supporting me in my endeavors for my multi-faceted career in the Indigenous Arts & Music journey - my life.  This support, as Co-Funders to my work, has granted me the freedom to produce and release my VERY FIRST VINYL ALBUM  &  my VERY FIRST BOOK!!

I AM GOING TO BE CELEBRATING MY 40TH year IN THE ARTS & MUSIC  INDUSTRY THIS FEBRUARY, with the release of my new Album, and a new Coffee Table Book filled with poetry, lyrics and pictures of artwork & more.  The new Vinyl will be released February 14th, 2025, as well as my book, in Honor & REMEMBRANCE of my Dad, Andrew and his siblings, who were all Residential School Survivors.  It is also dedicated to those children who never made it home from those Institutions across Canada and beyond.

I cannot imagine doing anything else in my life; infusing my Haudenosaunee cultural teachings & heritage into my musical compilations  and my "Originals in Stone" Sculptures and installations.   I have been blessed with many inspirational teachers and Elders along the way who continue  to challenge me, even to this day. So thankful. every day. #artsaddvalue 
#DestinationIndigenous #ITAC "Everychildmatters #Truthandreconciliation #DavidRMaracle

To be put on the VIP list for either the Album or the Book, Please click the link below, or send us an email at