DAVID R. MARACLE - Tehanenia'kwe:tarons



David R Maracle (Tehanenia'kwe:tarons) of the Bear Clan, was born the seventh son of Andrew C. Maracle (Mohawk, Turtle Clan) and Lillian J. Maracle (Scottish, Bruce Clan) and lived his first 10 years of life on the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve, St. Regis New York. David has a deep understanding and appreciation for his Mohawk Haudenosaunee roots; Sitting with, listening to his Indigenous Elders has been the biggest inspiration in David's life.  He attributes many of his accomplishments to his parents; Andrew, a respected Mohawk Elder, an International speaker/lecturer on Indigenous issues, rights and struggles, and David’s mother Lillian was also very inspirational as an accomplished author, poet, musician, artist, and craftswoman.

David has always been a strong advocate regarding Indigenous rights, language, education; he continues to take an active role in educating people through his Art, Music, and Workshops. David, like his father, has lived on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory for over 50 years. David is an Entrepreneurial spirit like his parents, and has worked his business on the Territory since 1985. In 2009 he opened very successful Gallery/Café and it ran successfully for nine years. It was time to change things up, as David’s career in the Music Industry began to take him overseas. David and his wife Kimberly decided to morph the business into a very successful Air BnB Adults Retreat with 4 Unique Cabins in a private courtyard. This property is nestled alongside the Beautiful shores of Kentekeh(Bay of Quinte). A Getaway destination with Adults in mind for Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation. People from around the world come to experience first hand the rich culture of the Mohawk People of Thyendinaga - Kentekeh during their stay on the property and enjoy the peace and tranquility the land has to offer.

David began his career as a Mohawk carver/sculptor in 1985. Traveling to Pow Wows,  and fine art shows helped to develop and create a unique lifestyle, which allowed his abilities as a sculptor to soar. David, now an acclaimed World-Renowned Stone Carver/Sculptor, has received many awards globally for his unique and detailed works of art. His most prestigious award given to date was in Arizona for 1st place; his sculpture entitled "Gathering Our Minds" was entered at the Prestigious Scottsdale Arizona "Heard Museum" in 2009.

The influences of his Hausenosaunee Mohawk heritage are clearly depicted in his “Originals in Stone”sculptures. His main goal has been to educate people about Indigenous culture, teachings & issues through his artwork. His masterpieces have touched the hearts of many people; private and corporate collectors alike throughout the world. Some of his more famous Curators include Nelson Mandela, Loretta Lynne, Dan Akroyd, and the Emperor of Japan.

David’s sculptures have been featured on cheques across Canada at all major banks, and featured in  many art installations for prestigious galleries across Ontario, Calgary, Nova Scotia, & Arizona, 

Whenever David needed to take a break from carving, he turned to music, and what started out as relaxation time quickly turned into a second career. David discovered that he could convey through his music the same goals that he strived toward with his sculptures; getting his message to the people. Not only a talented singer and song-writer, David also mastered many other instruments, including the Iroquoian and Celtic flutes, native hand drums and many other percussion instruments.With no formal training in the Arts or in Music, David believes his talents are a gift from the Creator, which he gives thanks for daily and never takes them for granted.During his Music career, David’s accolades include such credits as a CAMA multi-award winner for various categories·     Two gold records globally for his album “Spirit Flutes”·     Signed numerous global record deals, with music available on iTunes, Much Music, and many other venues·     Won the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards for Best Instrumental Album 2007, worldwide.·     His 17th CD entitled The Best of DAVID R. MARACLE was recently released, and a global video also released entitled SPIRIT CANYONS·     Played to the Queen for her Jubilee, Played at the Opening of the Sydney Olympic Games 2000, and Played in concert in the Barbados with Tim Rice (LION KING, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA)David has been involved with numerous commercials and television scores, and has been dubbed “the mood master” by many of his fellow musicians. He has also played in the House Orchestra for the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards in Toronto for multiple years until the event was finally moved to Winnipeg.