David R. Maracle is a World Renown RIAA Gold Album Award winning Multi-instrumentalist with a passion for Organic rare world instruments. He has been crafting his Musical Career for over thirty years from his home base of Tyendinaga MOHAWK Territory. Here are his various CDs and digital downloads from iTunes for your listening pleasure. Enjoy. 

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David’s music is timeless, reaches your spirit and communicates the richness of his indigenous culture, bringing peace and serenity to the listener. Many have found his music to be very tranquil, have healing qualities, and  raises people's energy force.   His numerous compilations are perfectly suitable for quiet time alone, driving in the car, or a candlelit evening with someone special.  Also a soothing bedtime journey for children who may have a hard time falling asleep.

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 We are so pleased to announce the Re-RELEASE of Spirit Flutes, the album that went GOLD with record sales over 500,000 copies sold Globally. This compilation features THREE BONUS TRACKS that have never been released until now.



This is David's 15th album entitled SPIRIT WORLD" was released OCTOBER 18TH at The Empire Theatre in Belleville at his live show entitled "David R. Maracle & The Medicine Wheel" which he performed to a sold out audience, ...this album was two years in the making, with Rare World Instruments from Switzerland, China, India, and of course the Iroquoian Love Flute of North America. Over an hour long of meditative, transcending liquid MAGIC.....

7th Sunjpg


This compilation was released February 2010, ...this album reflects upon all that we are thankful for, what Creator has given us, and what he has put in our path.  Our ability to listen to the signs of the universe....Soothing, meditative, perfect for massage or sound therapy! Much peace and love is in this album.

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This compilation is a fusion of velvet vocals, beautiful flute melodies; a melding of steel drum & reggae guitar and so much more...Not to mention a special song dedicated to OUR Grand-babies; an original song written by Bear Fox of the Akwesasne Women Singers, this rendition is sung by Kimberly Maracle.  This CD represents the other side of David R. Maracle...Not just a world renowned flutist, David puts forth some of his most powerful writings & vocals in this compilation; filled with a powerful messages for the world....

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This very powerful compilation of spiritually moving songs were inspired by David's journey to South Dakota for Sun-dance Ceremonies, where some of the greatest Native Warriors walked the Earth. The immense teachings and emotions that were felt from this experience, were captured in this compilation.  It was nominated at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards 2008 for Best Instrumental CD and Best Traditional Flute CD and the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards 2008, for Best Instrumental Album.  A DEFINITE "MUST HAVE" FOR YOUR COLLECTION



Sit back, relax and get ready to go on a mystical journey through the forest, paddling a canoe up to sacred shores, and listen to the sounds of nature surrounding you. This album is Love Medicine for your spirit; with a melding of nature sounds, Iroquoian Love flute, Buffalo Flute, and accompanied by light native drumming and rattles. This record has won several awards including Aboriginal Peoples Choice Awards, for Best Instrumental album – Winnipeg, Manitoba 2007, competing against 10 other Internationally acclaimed artists. It also won Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for Best Traditional Flute album, in Toronto, Ontario Canada 2007 and the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for Best Album Cover Design, in Toronto, Ontario Canada 2006.



This compilation is a “Calming” mixture of Iroquoian Love Flute, with Celtic undertones, and accompanied by light native drumming & rattles. It also features a “live” recording of a thunderstorm.  Music to set your mind and soul at ease; take your thoughts to an enchanted meadow with castles in the mist, or an evening stroll along the river’s edge. Excellent for meditation, relaxation and massage therapy. A must have in your DRM collection.



A Slightly more upbeat mix of indigenous music, Iroquoian and Celtic flute fused with a bit of Blues, Jazz, and World beats of the Didgereedoo, African drums, gourd guitars and sacred snake rattles, with a hint of Mohawk Chanting.  This record has enjoyed many years of airplay on CBC Radio, Canada 1, and Aboriginal Voices Radio , TV film and movies. This album won the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards for Best Instrumental Album of the Year 2003.   Great for "In The Car" music!!!



A "timeless classic"; Traditional haunting melodies of the Iroquoian Love Flute, Native hand drum and rattles makes this album an excellent choice for meditation, relaxation and healing of the spirit.  One of David's Originals before his Record Company signed him on.  A MUST HAVE FOR YOUR COLLECTION...




One of David R. Maracle’s first recordings, this CD features  powerful vocals entwined with the spiritual richness of the Iroquoian Love flute, mournful wolf calls, and a Mohawk Prayer by his father, Elder Andrew Karoniaktatsieh Maracle who passed away in 1999.  This compilation has been featured on CBC radio, with the powerful classic song in honour of the First Nations man Dudley George who was gunned down for protecting his land in Ipperwash.   This timeless classic has become a treasured compilation; many fans and friends request this CD time and again.  A MUST HAVE FOR LONGTIME FANS!!!