David R. Maracle

artist statement

Sculpture | Originals in Stone | October 2021

Tehanenia’kwe:tarons – Cutter of Stone - David R. Maracle


−     David R Maracle (Tehanenia'kwe:tarons) of the Bear Clan, was born the seventh son of Andrew C. Maracle (Mohawk, Turtle Clan) and Lillian J. Maracle (Scottish, Bruce Clan) and lived his first 10 years of life on the Akwesasne Mohawk Reserve, St. Regis New York. David has a deep understanding and appreciation for his Mohawk Haudenosaunee roots; Sitting with, listening to his Indigenous Elders has been the biggest inspiration in David's life.  He attributes many of his accomplishments to his parents; Andrew, a respected Mohawk Elder, an International speaker/lecturer on Indigenous issues, rights and struggles, and David’s mother Lillian was also very inspirational as an accomplished author, poet, musician, artist, and craftswoman.

- David has always been a strong advocate regarding Indigenous rights, language, education; he continues to take an active role in educating people through his Art, Music, and Workshops. David, like his father, has lived on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory for over 50 years. David is an Entrepreneurial spirit like his parents, and has worked his business on the Territory since 1985. In 2009 he opened very successful Gallery/Café and it ran for nine years of running. It was time to change things up, as David’s career in the Music Industry began to take him overseas. David and his wife Kimberly decided to morph the business into a very successful Air BnB Adults Retreat with 4 Unique Cabins in a private courtyard. This property is nestled alongside the Beautiful shores of Kentekeh (Bay of Quinte). A Getaway destination with Adults in mind for Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation. People from around the world come to experience first hand the rich culture of the Mohawk People of Thyendinaga - Kentekeh during their stay on the property and enjoy the peace and tranquility the land has to offer.


project – Artist statement

  “I, David R. Maracle, Bear Clan of the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte, would thoroughly enjoy and be so honored to be a part of an Indigenous theme based Sculpture installation in regards to Acknowledging our ancestors, our rich indigenous culture of Turtle Island (Canada/US/North America) the Seven Generations and our Creator of the natural world!!!

“It is always an honor when asked to create original masterpieces for different events, or as gifts for dignitaries, or a monumental art piece. It is very important to me as an Indigenous Artist to always take the time to be thankful for all the cultural teachings, legends, and stories that has been carefully and orally handed down to me. It is my responsibility (responding to my abilities) that will help in conveying something of such importance and magnitude; it must and will touch the hearts and minds of those who are seeing the Art. With this in mind, I like to approach my raw materials with the mindset of love, respect, honesty, and an appreciation for all life and a strong thankfulness to the Creator for allowing our Indigenous people to have the incredible ability to convey the strong cultural Indigenous teachings and messages through our Art.

  “This is why I like to smudge (cedar/sage/sweetgrass/tobacco) my stones, my tools myself, and put my traditional Semma/tobacco down by our waters, and send prayers up to Creator, to help open my creative eye, my third eye; I take time with the stones, study them, look at what they have to reveal to me before I indulge in releasing my mind to work in conjunction with nature, and ‘Spirit’ who will dictate to me what it (the stone) needs to be, and how I will work with it to convey that deep and powerful message that needs to be seen and heard by all….

  “When an opportunity like this (to create a larger than life sculpture for all to see) when it arises in my life, I love to go ‘all out’ with the unveiling of my masterpiece that will represent our beautiful ancestral heritage and teachings. Being a multi-Instrumentalist, the unveiling of such a piece would entail a performance piece with my rare world instruments, accompanied by my musicians on a stage, during a special evening gala. I would appreciate that this would be incorporated into the unveiling of any masterpiece that you would be unveiling. Music & Art is the Medicine.  Just another chance at showing the beauty of our Indigenous music & culture to be highlighted with a monumental unveiling. These are also reconciliatory acts that bring a very positive light into the awareness of the Truth & Reconciliation Calls to Action, and a very positive way to show who we are as a Nation of Indigenous Peoples – Onkwehonweh (Original Peoples).


    Nia’wenkowa (a BIG thank you)

        ◦    Tehanenia'kwe:tarons – David R. Maracle