Eagle POD Gallery, New Vinyl Album & New Book

So much has happened over the years since the World Pandemic. We had the PODs installed, the new Fox POD Den, and for Christmas, we installed the Eagle POD Gallery, specially designed with Eagle design accents for David to house his beautiful creations again. It is a Tiny but Mighty little Gallery, with a sign outside saying "Viewing by Appointment or by Chance". We were able to pivot our businesses, and managed to build private shower rooms, part barter, and part co funding from ITO, ITAC, and TIAO Tourism Industries, along with the support of the Bay of Quinte Marketing Board, and the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte Band Office.

David is now embarking into his 40th year of a successful career in the Arts & Music Industry, everything that he loves, including melding his traditional knowledge of his Haudenosaunnee Culture, learning his language, and implimenting more of the Kanienke'ha:ka Mohawk language into his merchandise, signage, and marketing materials, including new re-usable water bottles, with am important message, and our new QR codes. With celebrating his 40th year, he has embarked on the making of his very first Limited Edition Orange Vinyl Album, entitled "The Path of Totality", from the Land of the PeaceMaker". He has also been working with our Graphics Designer David Vaughan of LEG (League of extraordinary Gentlemen) to bring together all the magic of his art, music, poetry and his family history into a beautifully designed Coffee Table Book, also his very first to be Published.  We will be releasing these additions as of February 14th, 2025.  We are thankful to so many things, all things Natural, and to Creator for allowing us to continue to share on this beautiful Mother Earth.