Accomplishments & Curriculum Vitae Over the years

Accomplishments of the Past, and Beyond

Where do  I start?  As David's Chief Guidance Officer, & adoring wife, I have had the amazing priviledge to be beside this man for many many years; he has continuously amazed me with his journey in his career of the Indigenous Arts, Music, Business Entrepreneurialship, Workshops Conductor with Educational Conglomerates, Private and Corporate Sector Liason, Traditional Culinary Artist, Indigenous Knowledge Keeper, Cafe & Gallery Owner, Outdoor Concert Venue Manager, and lastly his touring of far off places, performing and teaching across the Globe. In the last two years he has travelled to some beautiful destinations; Pakistan, Austria, Holland,  Australia & of course North America.  We are now also proud Owners of an incredible Air BnB Getaway property that caters to an Adult's Only Crowd, with Privacy, Relaxation & Rejuvination on top of the List of needs.  Did I mention I also work as a Flight Dispatcher in a Mohawk Aerodrome that was buildt in 1912!  What an adventure I have had!

I never thought that when I left my Government job in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada, that I would be also on an amazing journey as the wife of such an amazing, loving, gentle, creative machine....the man who is called Dawit, or David R. Maracle, Tehaneniakwetarons, cutter of stone, Multi instrumentalist, Traditional Culinary artist, .....I could go on, but people would think I am biased.  

This will be a great place to share memories and  testimony over the next 20 years, as the heart mate, soul mate, partner in crime to the man I know as Dahunee...I have come to realize that every single amazing Artist out there really needs someone like me.  Artists need to be free to create and produce and be free, so they need someone who is going to be that Junkyard Dog, that will get the job done, advocate to the fullest on their behalf and to be a human Agenda/Itinerary and keep everything in balance. That is my gift that I managed to bring to the table here. 

I am excited and honored to be able to share with the world updates on David’s whereabouts, his music, his art, and more.  Sharing new stories that we are creating for the future. 

Stay Tuned!!!!

Kimsqueeen signing off!